Screen printing machines

From classic graphical printing to highly specific functional coatings all the way up to the integration of printing processes in complex manufacturing processes – Thieme will provide you with exactly what your application requires.

Screen Printing Machines

Thieme has established itself as a leading supplier of complete solutions for the printing industry.
Our flatbed printing systems allow us to cover the entire range of graphical and industrial printing.

  • Screen printing machines, e.g. for large format graphics applications, glass printing, coating of solar cells
  • State-of-the-art printing technology with continuous further developments
  • From semi-automatic machines to multi-colour lines tailored to customer requirements
  • System concepts for the highest printing quality and productivity.


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    Armin Gerland  
    Manager Printing Systems
    Armin Gerland
    Phone +49 (0) 76 41 / 5 83-520



     Oliver Beck

    Sales Manager Printing Systems
    Oliver Beck
    Phone +49 (0) 76 41 / 5 83-450

Machine overview

Screen Printing 1/2-automatic

THIEME 500 THIEME-500_kl The Starting
THIEME 1000 THIEME-1000_kl The little allrounder
THIEME 1000 E THIEME-1000E_kl The Electronic
THIEME 1000S/3000S THIEME-1000S-3000S_kl The great allrounder
THIEME LAB 1000 THIEME-LAB-1000_kl The High-precision-machine
THIEME Vision THIEME Vision The Exact

Screen Printing 3/4-automatic

THIEME 500 H 500 H The Economical
THIEME 3000 THIEME-3000_kl The Little Fast
THIEME 3000 S THIEME-1000S-3000S_kl The Great Fast
THIEME 3000 Vision THIEME Vision The Exact

Screen Printing 3/4- fully automatic machines

THIEME 5000 THIEME 5000_kl The Workhorse
THIEME 3000 GS THIEME-3000-GS_kl For Technical-Glass
THIEME 3000 GS LS THIEME-3000-GS-LS-LM_kl For XXL-Glass
THIEME 3000 GS AM THIEME-3000-GS-AM_kl For Automotive-Glass
THIEME 5000 MC THIEME-5000-MF_kl

The small Multi-Colored

THIEME 5000 XL THIEME-5000_XL_kl

The large Multi-Colored

Role to Role THIEME-Roll-to-Roll_kl The role printer


THIEME Laminating machine THIEME Laminiermaschine The Laminator

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