Renewable energies

Are you seeking solutions for the production of fuel cells, thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.), batteries or the like? Thieme designs its customized print line in close collaboration with its customers.
Machines are built for roll-to-roll, thin layer on glass, and even for high-precision screen printing applications.

Renewable energies


Thieme offers solutions ranging from the laboratory printer to the fully automated production line for flexible or rigid materials. This can also be a roll-to-roll machine. Along with the printing process and the drying, a line can also include the handling of the printed substrate, the substrate cleaning and tracking (MES) and the print quality check.

Special features

  • Superior technology in the area of reproducibility
  • Easy parameter change
  • Options for adjusting the squeegee angle, diagonal positioning of the squeegee unit and the screen lifting height
  • Integration of various measuring systems

Examples of use

  •  Fuel cells
  • Thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.)
  • Batteries

Machinery examples

THIEME LAB 1000 THIEME-LAB-1000_kl Die Hochpräzise
THIEME 3000 GS THIEME-3000-GS_kl Die technische Glasmaschine
Rolle zu Rolle THIEME-Roll-to-Roll_kl Der Rollendrucker

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