Quality and the Environment

Thieme has placed great emphasis on consistent quality policies and environmentally friendly production processes for years. This has resulted in the establishment of a certified environmental management and quality management system, which is regularly examined by external inspectors to ensure its efficiency.

We believe in and work towards our continuous improvement in the areas of quality and ecology. To this end, Thieme annually defines continuous improvement projects - so-called KVPs - that help to optimise performance. Therefore, we monitor the implementation of company policy with an internal control loop to spot weaknesses and to take into account new developments.




Through external audits we have obtained the following certificates:

Polyurethane parts
Polyurethane automotive parts
IATF 16949
Polyurethane products
ISO 9001
Thieme_Certificate_9001_2008_E Thieme IATF 16949 Thieme Certificate TC 9001 2008 E
Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and THIEME S.A.S., France Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Certificate for THIEME Corporation, USA


Other approvals:

  • ULQMRX2 Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  • EN9100 ASD-EASE (Auditor Airbus Helicopters)


Additional information can be downloaded:


Thieme is planning for the future. All-round environmental protection is our goal and an integral part of our corporate policy.


Thieme always views balancing profitability and environmental needs as an important factor in making business decisions. Sustainable investments in the future are the basis for long-term positive development - both for the company and the environment. This principle not only guides the Thieme product range, but also our selection of materials and the entire production process.

We establish environmental factors and their ecological relevance mainly based on energy and material flow in the company, which makes procurement especially important.

We continuously improve our environmental performance through our environmental programme projects and regularly review the attainment of these goals. Many projects, such as changing the paints we use in our paint shop to exclusively water-based ones, are proof of our innovative spirit.
Growing statutory requirements to use environmentally friendly products are becoming an increasing strategic factor in competition and contribute especially to making Thieme an attractive partner.

In the field of environmental compatibility we have obtained the following certificate:

DIN EN ISO 14001
Certificate for THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Additional information can be downloaded:


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