Quality and the Environment

THIEME has placed great emphasis on consistent quality policies and environmentally friendly production processes for years. This has resulted in the establishment of extensive, internal environmental management and quality management systems that are regularly examined.

We also believe in and work towards our continuous improvement in the areas of quality and ecology. Hence we are continuously setting up improvement projects that help to optimise performance. We monitor the implementation of company policy with an internal control loop to spot weaknesses and to take into account new developments.




At Thieme, customer satisfaction and compliance with customer requirements are our primary objectives. Strong quality consciousness utilizing the competences of our experienced long-term employees combined with continually trained specialists help realize the development and implementation of print systems realizing complete customer solutions.

Application and continuous improvement of established processes and methods make it possible for us to execute your order economically and at the same time with the highest quality standards.
Comprehensive quality checks along the entire production chain from supplier to goods receipt inspection, construction, scheduling, and assembly, ensure a high-quality ready to install machine free of errors.
The added value for our customers is not only the leading edge print technology, but expectations for quality and service are met as well.

Investing in a high-quality Thieme product means investing in the future.


Thieme is planning for the future. All-round environmental protection is our goal and an integral part of our corporate policy.

UmweltAs we entrust responsibility for environmental issues to employees on all company levels and involve environmental consulting experts, attaining these goals is supported by everyone in the company. Thieme promotes the continuous improvement of environmental protection inside the company as well as environmentally sound production.

We establish environmental factors and ecological relevance based on energy and material flow in the company, which makes procurement especially important. The environmental management system relies on general ecological goals as, for example, improvement of environmental protection inside the company, as well as on reducing the amounts of waste and equipment. Practical implementation is then carried out through our environmental programme projects, which describe the responsibilities of attaining these goals according to schedule.

Raising environmental awareness of our employees is just as important as long-term plans for advancements benefitting the environment, implemented within the framework of support projects and internal research.


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