Printing on glass

Thieme offers modular machine and system concepts for the multi-colour screen printing and digital printing of glass.
From the stand-alone solution right up to complete printing lines, we manufacture all of the necessary system components in customer-specific constellation.



The printing of glass places very high demands on the printing process.
Thieme stands with their customers during every step of a project in order to ensure the highest possible quality and professionalism during the development of the screen printing and digital printing systems. From the first consultation to the design and manufacture through to the commissioning by our customer service, which is also competently available for training course, services and the supply of original replacement parts worldwide.

Examples of use

  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Appliance goods
  • Glass displays

Machinery examples

THIEME 1000 THIEME-1000_kl Der kleine Allrounder
THIEME 1000S/3000S THIEME-1000S-3000S_kl Der große Allrounder
THIEME 3000 GS THIEME-3000-GS_kl Die technische Glasmaschine
THIEME 3000 GS LS THIEME-3000-GS-LS-LM_kl Die XXL-Glasmaschine
THIEME 3000 GS AM THIEME-3000-GS-AM_kl Automotive-Glasmaschine
THIEME 3000 D THIEME-3000D_kl



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