Competence in plastics - Moulded parts of polyurethane and other plastics

  • Production sites in Germany and the USA
  • More than 180 highly qualified employees
  • 24-hour production 6 days/week
  • Mould carriers for parts of up to 65 ft² projected area and weights of 200 g to 50 kg
  • Complete systems and components from one source!


Custom RIM parts
Polyurethane and other plastics

The custom RIM parts manufactured at THIEME include plastic enclosures, housings, functional parts and system solutions for medical industry, measurement, appliances, data processing, money handling applications as well as for commercial vehicle industries. 

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Energy Absorbing Foam

In the automotive division, THIEME produces occupant safety components, Class A surface interior trim, impact foam parts, Custom RIM parts as well as internal plant logistics containers for the automotive industry.

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THIEME - the best solution for any case

We have been developing and producing moulded, functional and safety parts of polyurethane for more than 40 years. Thanks to its low weight in connection with impact resistance, stiffness and high dimensional stability, polyurethane is an ideal material for combining aesthetics, ergonomics and function into an optimal and at the same time cost-effective product design.

Yet, our competence in plastics is in no way restricted to polyurethane: Our affiliated market and technology centre enables us to offer additional materials and manufacturing processes. For this purpose, we are working - under the general management of Thieme - together with selected partners.

For you this approach has the great advantage that you always receive the ideal material for your project and the most suitable manufacturing processes. Whether PUR or other plastics, you can count on one thing at Thieme in any case: With us, your project is in good hands!


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