Innovation for InPrint 2014


Teningen, April 2014 – THIEME will be exhibiting innovative printing solutions at the InPrint 2014 trade show to be held in Hanover from April 8 - 10. The digital printing machine THIEME LAB Digital will be the highlight of the exhibition stand. The most diverse industrial applications can be developed utilizing this open laboratory printing system and their production parameters optimally coordinated in advance.


The range of industrial printing applications is extremely diverse – as a result modern coating solutions must be correspondingly flexible. THIEME therefore not only offers its customers standard machines but also enables the development of digital and screen printing systems, based on a uniform technical platform, specific to each application. "The unique thing about our machine concept is its 100 % industrial suitability both in digital and screen printing", emphasizes Harry Götz, Product Manager of digital printing at Thieme. "With this cross-technological development platform which combines the best of both worlds, we have achieved a genuine unique position in the industrial printing market."


The THIEME LAB Digital laboratory machine to be presented at the trade show represents an open digital printing machine design which is individually customized to the customer's needs. Both the printing format and the transport technology can be varied. Different option packages are also available – it is even possible to combine digital and screen printing stations into a single hybrid machine. "Every customer receives his own personal machine", emphasizes Götz. The innovative digital printing system is suitable for single and multipass applications and is distinguished by high precision linear technology and a variable print head arrangement. The substrate thickness (max. 50 mm) can be programmed.


A secure scale-up from the laboratory to the production machine: Interested trade show visitors will be shown the diversity of the new Thieme machine platform at the Thieme exhibition stand – for example, with regard to parameters specific to the print head (e.g. wave forms, resolutions, printing modes) or equipment options (e.g. table vacuum, printing formats, substrate thicknesses). The system concept additionally includes the option of evaluating ink systems and other drying systems such as IR or LED can be alternatively integrated. Sample substrates will be printed on the THIEME LAB Digital, whose quality can be assessed and discussed directly at the site.


Since the laboratory machine has the same control system as the production machine, customized printing parameters can be applied one-to-one in a later production machine. "As the sole manufacturer, Thieme enables the implementation of the customer's own development in industrial coating systems", explains Harry Götz, describing the Thieme product strategy. "Our customers can thus be sure that the step from the laboratory to the production process does not lead to a dead end."


The new THIEME LAB Digital laboratory machine forms the basis for the most diverse industrial digital printing applications


> The new digital printing system can be viewed from 8 to 10 April at the Thieme exhibition stand at the InPrint 2014, the trade show for innovative printing technology in industrial manufacturing (Hanover Fairgrounds, Hall 21, Stand D 36).


> Harry Götz, Product Manager of Thieme digital printing will be holding a lecture on Thursday, 10 April 2014 at 10.30 am on the topic of "The complementary technologies of screen printing and digital printing in the industrial sector – the best of both worlds".



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