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Plastics optimally combined

Optimally combined Plastic Solutions


Teningen/Dusseldorf, October 2013: Every plastic has its own specific advantages – for this reason the plastic specialists Thieme also offers its customers alternative materials other than Thieme’s in-house polyurethane RIM process for the production of custom moulded parts and enclosures. A few of Thieme's successful application solutions can be seen at the international plastics fair K 2013 in Dusseldorf.



THIEME GmbH & Co. KG, which is headquartered in Teningen, Germany (near Freiburg), has been specialising in the production of moulded and functional polyurethane (PUR) parts for more than four decades. The PUR material with its many uses is a good choice for numerous industrial applications ranging from medical technology to automotive engineering. Along with various PUR formulations, Thieme also offers other materials and processes in its Plastics Market and Technology Centre such as injection moulding, thermoplastic structural foam injection moulding (TSG) and deep-draw Thermoforming process, which allows the customer to select the optimal material combination for the design and functional requirements of every application. Customer benefits: The customer is offered consultation independent of material and receives all of the required parts from a single source.


Large housing components which must absorb heavy forces are typically produced from PUR, while injection moulded materials are used for smaller parts. The advantages of low tool costs and functional integration typical for the PUR RIM process can be used for larger components and result in cost-savings due to simplified assembly processes.


An additional important aspect in the development and production of plastic moulded parts is the consideration of all standards and certificates typical in the industries – only a very few plastics manufacturers can match Thieme's experience in this area. As one of the very few European producers, Thieme, for example, holds a UL-QMRX2 Certificate for EMC conductive copper shielding lacquer. Customer benefit: The customer receives parts which are already certified for his equipment and often does not need to invest in his own time-consuming and expensive certification processes.


Development and production from one cast
Thieme completely manages the project management activities through the part development and production process from the initial process / material selection to the manufacturing and the final surface finishing. With Thieme’s vast processing capability moulded PUR parts with weights ranging from 200 g to 100 kg are possible. Complex part geometries with projected surfaces up to 6 m² are possible as well at Thieme’s production facilities. There is also a wide range of PUR material systems to choose from allowing for the optimal material selection to be selected for every project. Parts manufactured with other materials and processes are supplied by experienced Thieme partners within the scope of the Plastics Marketing and Technology Centre. All of the parts, independent of the production process, are provided with a uniform surface quality from our in-house painting facility.


Interested professionals can view exhibits produced from PUR and other material combinations at the 60 m2 Thieme booth at the K2013 and learn more about the scope of services offered by the Thieme Plastics Marketing and Technology Centre.


THIEME at the K 2013:
16. until 23. October
Fair Dusseldorf
Hall 7A, Stand C06





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