Thieme offers diverse screen printing and digital printing solutions for small and large format printing applications in the graphics sector such as POS/POP prints, posters, displays and cardboard packages.
Everything from semi-automated machines to multi-colour lines for technical, industrial and graphical screen printing and digital printing are covered. Multi-colour lines are possible with up to 6 ink stations and a printing format up to 2000 x 3300 mm.



The opportunities offered by Thieme for combining screen printing and digital printing enable the user to combine/enhance the strengths of both screen printing and digital printing. The printing machines are very robust and 100% suitable for industry. The usual components such as stackers, destackers, drying modules or conveyor systems can also be used without restriction. The use of top-quality materials, short set-up times and  high precision to implement customer-specific requirements results in Thieme innovations for technical, industrial and graphical printing.

Special features

  • Screen printing and digital printing from a single source
  • Everything is possible – from vibrant colours, high-gloss surfaces, and shimmering special effects all the way up to printing in Braille.
  • High productivity by implementing customer requirements

Examples of use

  • Printing of hanging air fresheners
  • Election/Circus posters on plastic panels
  • Point of Sale
  • Billboards
  • Neon advertisements, etc.

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