The screen printing and digital printing technologies play a major role in the automotive sector and are essential for the production process. You will hardly find a car today where no printing technology was used.
Screen and digital printing offer unique options – whether as a colourful print or a functional coating.



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Both printing techniques have their advantages: screen printing allows you to achieve the most diverse layer thicknesses and subtleties by using the screen fabric, while digital printing stands out with its individualisation options. The two techologies meet the high demands of the automotive industry.

Special features

Integration options exist in the automated production lines which are naturally accompanied and supported by Thieme technology. Thieme also offers:

  • High machine availability
  • Compliance with the automotive guidelines
  • Quick servicing reaction times
  • Camera alignment for the highest possible precision
  • Special machines for special applications

Examples of use

  • Cylinder-head gaskets
  • Front/rear windshields 
  • Seat sensors
  • Decorative panels, door trims
  • Dials (speedometers)
  • Displays, emblems / logos
  • Vehicle stickers
  • Fuel cells

Machinery examples

THIEME 3000 GS AM THIEME-3000-GS-AM_kl Automotive-Glasmaschine
THIEME 1000 THIEME-1000_kl Der kleine Allrounder
THIEME 1000S/3000S THIEME-1000S-3000S_kl Der große Allrounder
THIEME 3000 THIEME-3000_kl Die kleine Schnelle

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